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Opening doors to a world of new business

Libertad Growth offers professional lead generation and business development services that enable your organisation to grow rapidly, generating increased sales revenue while providing flexible sales resource that becomes an integral part of your campaign or ongoing strategy.

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Event Success – Securing attendees/delegates
  • Post-event lead development

  • Free up your business to grow
  • Hit the ground running in new territories
  • Get results fast
  • Highly professional, flexible resource

Business Development

Build a strong pipeline of new business through our work alongside you to pinpoint requirements, demonstrate value and build relationships with senior and C-level decision makers, freeing you and your team up to close more business.

Lead Generation

We open doors to senior decision makers, enabling you to focus on closing business.  We focus on those fitting your criteria and engage them using a consultative approach to match the right element of your offering to their strategic needs.

Event Attendance

Ensure optimum attendance of your webinar, seminar or conference.  We will secure attendance of a healthy audience of high value attendees, qualified by type of organisation and role.


With experience in developing new business in global markets we can help you launch your product/service or rapidly expand into new territories whether your focus is entry in the UK, Europe, Africa or beyond.