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What’s the best way to follow up leads after a digital marketing campaign?

What’s the best way to follow up leads after a digital marketing campaign?

With online tools such as Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click making it relatively simple to reach thousands of people across the internet, many businesses are understandably investing money into digital marketing campaigns on a daily basis. But unless the leads generated are being followed up – and with a more personal touch, the whole campaign could be a waste of time and money.

Common mistakes made after a digital marketing campaign  

Running a digital marketing campaign can be exciting as you start to see post engagements rise and hundreds of people clicking on the link which you created. But sadly that’s where many people leave it. They just count how many were reached and how many clicks were received as the success rate for the campaign.

If 200 people clicked through on your content but not one person then converted to become a customer, clearly something along the line went wrong. It needs a real person to actually follow up with those 200 people to find out why their interest disappeared at a certain point, and more importantly, if it’s possible to get them back on track.

Another common mistake is simply sending out an automated email to those who responded to the campaign and nothing else. These impersonal sales emails will most likely go straight into the junk or deleted folder and never be seen, so all of those potential warm leads are immediately lost. A single email is unlikely to be enough and should be followed up by a personal phone call to add that human touch to the campaign.

Or maybe all of the data from everyone who responded is collected and filed into a nice organised spreadsheet, but then that gradually drops to the bottom of the “to do” list and then it’s months after the campaign and still nothing has been done with that list of contacts and the trail has gone cold.

So why is it that companies spend money on digital marketing but then don’t follow up on the campaign properly afterwards, losing potential prospects and leads left, right and centre?

Problems businesses encounter after a digital marketing campaign

One of the issues is failing to plan for a follow-up campaign. It’s easy to get caught up in planning the advert or content and the target audience but often businesses fail to plan what will happen next and suddenly realise that there is no team capacity within the business development team to actually call all of the people who responded.

Unless the business has an in-house telemarketing team, very few existing teams will have the capacity, time or the know-how to actually follow up with targeted and successful sales calls to all of the prospective leads which have been gathered by the digital campaign.

Or the business development team might start to make the calls and carry out follow-up work but then the next campaign kicks in and new priorities and pressures take over and the follow-up calls get pushed to the bottom of the list and are forgotten about.

It might be that one person is given the task of sitting down and calling everyone who responded to the campaign, but oftentimes that person will be a junior and just won’t have the right knowledge about the company and the products to carry out an effective sales call, and so loses those valuable leads through lack of ability to connect at a senior level or handle objections.

Outsourcing campaign follow-up work to a third party

If you want to avoid a digital campaign resulting in missed prospects and leads which go cold due to a lack of professional follow-up, there is a solution which doesn’t involve recruiting new staff or training up team members. Simply outsource the follow up part of the campaign to a b2b telemarketing business.

As part of the digital campaign planning, make sure to budget for effective follow-up and this is the best way to do it. Using a telemarketing business ensures that every single one of the prospects and leads generated, will be followed up.

There will be dedicated and fully trained staff calling your leads and prospects and adding that human touch to the business call, rather than relying on automated emails which might end up in the spam filter.

Outsourcing means you know that the follow-up will be done properly, effectively and by trained people, which takes all of the pressure off you and your staff and means the leads will be chased up quickly while they are still interested – no more falling off the “to do” list.


To make the most of digital marketing campaigns, make sure you plan in a follow-up process, from the very beginning. Don’t count the clicks as your success rate and don’t lose all of those potential customers due to lack of staff or lack of capacity. If you plan to outsource the follow-up work up front then you can avoid your campaign turning into nothing more than a costly pretty advert which was looked at but not acted upon.


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