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About Us

It’s about getting you results….fast

Libertad Growth has been founded by experienced business development manager Carl Garrod to offer companies the opportunity to benefit from high impact, professional and flexible business development resource to support the growth of your business.

Carl has over twenty years of sales, business development and account management experience working for companies in sectors including SaaS, IT, Technology, Overseas Property, Financial Services and others.

Used to working to challenging sales quotas and rapidly generating results he realised that agile, growing businesses are often held back from achieving the growth that their products or services could give them by a lack of swiftly deployable sales resource.  Smaller companies and start ups feeling this even more acutely where taking on a new senior business development manager might suppose committing significant annual budget.  Equally, if the company lacks headcount to drive sales growth, not hiring will mean lower revenue achieved – as a result probably limiting ability to bring in the high calibre sales staff required in the first place!

To avoid this “chicken and egg” situation Libertad Growth was born: to enable businesses to grow sales quickly, whether to test a newly identified market, launch a campaign approaching customers from a new angle or to make headway in new territories, but always in a low-risk, flexible manner with us working as your partner and as an integral part of your company.

Fluent in Spanish having previously lived in Spain, Carl named the business Libertad Growth, the Spanish word for freedom (libertad) pointing to the company’s focus on freeing up the ability to achieve growth through business development.