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How We Work

A Partnership That Gets Results

We work as part of your team to generate growth in new business for your company.  In order to get you optimum results we would work with you broadly following the process below (depending on your precise needs and the exact nature of the engagement).

Our initial focus is on gaining a clear understanding of your needs, the strengths inherent in what you offer, the target customer profile, your competitor landscape and your goals and metrics.  From this starting point we plan and launch your campaign, keeping in close contact as opportunities emerge and reporting back on progress as our work generates results.

On concluding the campaign we review results with you and report back on any longer term business development activity (not necessarily dependent on our involvement) that will help you build on the success achieved.  Our goal is to drive impressive results that will give you a strong imperative to work with us again in the future and hopefully recommend us to others in your professional network.

Please see more on the process we typically work to below and we would be glad to hear from you if you have any questions.

We begin the process of working with you by gaining an understanding of your requirements and the scope and scale of how we will work together.

We will seek to understand:

  • What your campaign needs to achieve (is it the full sales cycle, securing a meeting/webinar for you with senior executives, boosting delegate registrations for your event etc.) and at what point we hand the lead back to you
  • The focus for the campaign – is the focus on driving sales of particular products/services or simply uncovering any relevant opportunities within your competence?  Any offers, trials or other promotions to be used within our conversations with prospects.
  • Contact data – do you have a database of existing contacts that you will provide as the basis of the campaign?  Otherwise we would curate a target list of companies and roles within those companies

Having agreed the scope, scale and objectives for your campaign we begin the work of preparing to launch the campaign.

  • Sourcing of Contacts – Unless you have specified that you will provide us with existing contacts for us as the aim of the campaign, we will source data based on your specifications for verticals/companies/individuals of value and sift out those that are existing customers, leads in progress or otherwise not applicable.
  • We prepare our approach for reaching contacts and how any collateral you have provided should be weaved into the campaign

The campaign begins!

  • We begin contacting the individuals and organisations, a process that may take various attempts to contact and potentially lead us to other individuals in the target company that are also relevant or may have more direct decision making capability.
  • After the first week of work (or other period as you agree with us) we report back on progress so you can gauge the impact activity is having.
  • The campaign is in full flow and we have gained the ear of contacts that may have been elusive, needed time to round up other co-decision makers or where C-level executives/Heads of dept. have “given their blessing” for others to explore a requirement.
  • We are delivering a greater volume of “handovers” (whether leads, conference registrations, software demos arranged, meetings confirmed or whichever goal is the focus) as multiple contacts into organisations begin to bear fruit – we develop relationships and deepen contact within the companies we are talking to.

On reaching the conclusion of the campaign all opportunities have been handed over to you.

  • A confirmation is provided of all opportunities supplied to you
  • We will review with you the areas of greatest success found when conducting the campaign
  • We will report on any groundwork laid during the campaign for future business development activity on your part (equally, if you see scope for us to work together for an extended period we would be delighted)!

Want to know more?

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