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Business Development

Reach senior decision makers at the right time with the right offering

We will generate a pipeline of qualified opportunities based upon your target profile of organisation and role in the company to enable your team to focus on closing business.

Working with your data or our own carefully curated sources of leads we will open doors to rapid growth by pinpointing opportunities using a consultative approach.  We work to quickly acquire a solid understanding of your product/service and how it adds value for your customers and ensure the right elements are matched to the needs we uncover in target companies.

We are centred on being seen as a trusted advisor to prospects (sometimes perhaps even respectfully challenging them!) uncovering needs and positioning your offering with gravitas in a way that connects with busy senior executives.

Throughout the process we report new leads as they happen and agree a schedule for general updates on campaign progress.  Where we discover valuable market intelligence, an emerging trend or long term opportunity that does not qualify as a lead today, we will ensure these are reported to you so you can act on this information alongside the leads we generate with an immediate and compelling need.

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Meeting Coordination (appointment setting)

Connecting you with senior decision makers, opening the door to new business

Getting in front of the right people at the right time can be time-consuming to get in place, detracting from the time you have available to close existing opportunities.  We we can lighten the load, however by carrying this work out for you – getting to the right senior executives, gaining an understanding of the hierachy and decision making structure in the organisation, qualifying their requirements and the match to your offerings and securing you an appointment to present and discuss their needs.

We do this by planning with you the target profile of company and individual and opening a conversation with them which might highlight a new product/service offering, a themed campaign or specific offer as the starting point.    Having qualified the contact as being relevant according to your criteria, a meeting (or webinar, if appropriate) with an agenda focussing on their needs and your ability to meet them will be confirmed.

We brief you fully on the conversations held, needs uncovered and any latent or nuanced requirements that could lay under the surface.  We free up your time to close opportunities at qualified meetings with senior decision makers.

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New Markets

Launch into new territories and reach untapped opportunities, whilst keeping risk low

Expanding your commercial reach into new territories can be challenging, especially if your existing staff are used to working only with your home customer base.  Differences in culture, ways of working and expectations can all make adaptation to working in new markets more of a challenge and that is before even considering any language issues.  Recruiting sales representation in distant territories can prove a headache and involve an unacceptable level of risk if your company does not have existing presence on the ground.

Even a step from working with US based customers to the UK can require a different approach to sales work and a retune of marketing collateral if it is to be as truly effective as it needs to be – and if bridging the gap between the US and UK is sometimes underestimated when gaining a foothold in new markets, how about if your organisation sees a need to expand into other European countries, or Africa, where the business culture can vary more widely?

At Libertad Growth we have many years of experience of working with partners and customers across EMEA and beyond and can help drive business in new territories that may appear a challenging environment to tap into from the outside.  With knowledge and experience of working in a wide range of territories and of the cultures therein we can gain your company the foothold for further growth that it needs, leveraging our local networks of contacts and our language skills to ensure communication is fluid.  Sub-Saharan Africa and Spanish-speaking countries are particular areas of strength, however our ability to combine use of existing networks, building of new relationships and a grasp of local culture and ways of working are the core elements that will help us win you business in any global market.

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Driving Event Attendance

Ensuring your conference, seminar or presentation attains a wide audience of select individuals

Organising a successful event and securing the attendance of a healthy audience made up of those you have selected as key attendees can be a significant and time-consuming task.  You promote the event on your website, on social media and through mailings, but without some further interaction with your intended attendees or delegates to ensure they fit the event into their busy schedule, numbers registering can be disappointing.  This in turn can mean that those that do attend decide not to attend next time.

Having worked on successful events -and having attended a few well prepared, yet poorly attended events- we know what it takes to drive the “buzz” around a successful business event and commitment to attend.

We can drive attendance through your existing network of customers, partners and contacts or equally will work to secure attendees from hither-to unreached companies and professionals, widening your network as we do so.  We make sure that your event’s levels of attendance are optimal, so that delegates return home keen to attend future conferences, seminars or presentations you organise.

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Event Follow Up

So many new contacts.  So many opportunities.  So much other work to catch up on afterwards.  Don’t lose momentum!

Attending conferences and trade shows can be a huge source of new leads and valauable contacts whether manning a display stand or simply networking as a delegate, however, the need to catch up and give priority to other tasks and projects that took a back seat over the days of the event often limits your ability to pick up those exciting leads and opportunities.

We can free up your time to give priority where it is needed without losing momentum on picking up those new contacts and re-engaging to drive new opportunities following the event.  So much of the value of attending an event is through the opportunity to network and generate new leads – we will ensure the hours you have spent on your feet in the conference break-out area translate to leads that help you grow business.

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